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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Review for That Kinda Girl video

Thanks Vanessa for sending me this link!

Someone once told me that if everyone likes you, you're doing something wrong. Luckily the Secretions don't have that problem.

Apparently this little bitch is angry at Aaron (the director of the film) or the Secretions or - fuck, I don't know, maybe she just needs some Midol? Vanessa told me this chick is mad because Aaron wouldn't direct her boyfriend's band's video or something. After her review it says she's listening to Dragonforce - obviously she's a fucking moron to begin with. Anyway, here's the review:

"Its always pretty interesting when someone thinks they are AMAZING at something when really they are only so-so.

The biggest example of that would be a man who likes to think he does 'film'.

He recently won some award for best music video at a Sacramento Film Festival.

Alright, let me stop right there. Its a SACRAMENTO film festival. Not Cannes or any other prestigious festival, but Sacramento. Not much of anything good comes from Sacramento when it comes to film.

Actors, musicians and models come from Sacramento, but never any film makers.

The video that won was The Secretions newest music video.

Let me stop there too.

The Secretions? Are you fucking serious? Those idiots should have stopped making music 20 years ago. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS A HORRIBLE MUSIC GENRE. The only people who listen to punk now a days would be the trailer trash that isn't busy listening to Eminem and Kid Rock.

And when your an old punk, its just embarrassing. Your not punk, your a 45 year old man who has 13 year old girls screaming your name at Club Retro.

Moving on, the video was a rip off of Weezers 'Buddy Holly'. The band is dress like there are in the 50's and they are on a old late night tv program. Old stock footage, with a little voice over was paired with the band singing at Club Retro.

Stopping once again, how many videos have to be done like this? And you guessed it, its usually the punk bands who do videos like this. Is it their inner desire to be apart of a wholesome society? Who cares? Its just a ordinary, plain, boring idea that keeps being washed in by robot directors with no vision and/or TALENT.

Also its funny that the 'that kind of girl' in the video was the directors secret love. She is an 'actress' (aren't we all) whos favorite thing is drinking alcohol and asking why her daddy hates her before she passes out in a pool of her own vomit. Not making that up, its what was told to me by the director of this film a few years ago.

Ok, back on track. The only thing cool about this video would be the fact that the singer is also the drummer. And get ready for this; they are in 2 places at the same time! WOW!!

I know a guy who, fresh out of high school, was making commercials, winning awards, making music videos, etc. And that 2 places in one trick was done by him so early on, its not funny. And PS on the note of the guy I know, he recently directed a music video for a very MAJOR band. He does NOT go around acting like a little prima donna ballerina. He acts like a professional. Not a fat bald chicken with his head cut off.

The music video was blah. It took no talent or vision. And by it winning first place is saying that Sacramento has SHIT for talented film makers. Also that all the other films must have been a still frame of a horse taking a shit with music playing behind it, skipping like a cd, for 5 minutes. That is the only way it would make sense to me that this video won.

I write all of this because last night the director decided he was going to message me about he is for sure directing a bands music video. Also how the drummer and singer have been BEGGING him to direct it. He then went on to call them 'prima donnas'.

Don't you dare talk bad about my boys, cupcake.

I'm JEG DIOK. And I say what everyone else is thinking.

PS: dude, that lame LucasArts logo rip off with LaneArts logo has got to be the saddest thing I have ever seen. We get it!! You want to be Han Solo or Luke or a Jedi, but its not cool or rad or impressive. It is just incredibly sad and has to be embarrassing for you."

Everyone go add this genius as a friend on myspace and spam her page with sweet nothings. She obviously needs some friends.


Briana said...

Dumbass cunt has Jefree Star on her top friends.

How can you talk shit about punk when you like some idiot that has NO MUSIC KNOWLEDGE whatsoever and is liked by people just because of what they look like.

Mushroom tattoo to the face.
End of story.

Anonymous said...

What I love about all of this is that THIS IS THE TYPE OF PERSON I WOULDN'T WANT LIKING US ANYWAY!!! She's a scenester! A hipster! Go on now and forget about your deodorant and look for the next dance party, loser!

Travis Latrine said...

HAHAHA wow what a twat

matt"dgaf" said...

i picked steph up and took her tot he shoot, no one knew she was gonna be tehre, she didnt know she'd be more then a crowd memeber and i dont think aaron knew her then.

Xtal Case said...

Yeah, I thought that too Matt. I was there all day for the shooting and I remember Aaron saying something like, we need to find a kind of pretty girl to stand at the front and swoon like Dan is singing to her.

Steph showed up and volunteered. I really doubt she's Aaron's longtime secret love when it took him a couple times to even remember her name.