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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ask Paul: What Do You Use To Spike Your Hair?

This week on "Ask Paul", Steve Mahoney from STD asked the age-old question that every spikey haired man must ask...

Dear Paul,

What do you use to spike up your hair, and is it good enough to use on curly hair?

- Steve Mahoney

Not that Steve needs good hair to get the ladies. STD just released their new CD, "Spreading the Disease" last week. I had the pleasure and hearing it before it was released and reviewing it for Alive & Kicking. Unfortunatly, due to a couple of advertisers dropping out at the last minute, the space that the reviews were supposed to go in got cut. Hopefully it will make it into this next issue, which should be out in early April. Look for it!


I use a combination of Spray Hair Glue, and regular ol' Hair Glue.
FYI: the only real difference between Hair Glue and regular ol' fashioned Elmers Glue is that it's not made outta cow hooves. That way, when your hair gets wet, you won't have a bunch of kindergartners trying to gnaw on your hair.

As for the curly thing, I'd say sure, but it's ok to be a sissy and buy a flat-iron too.

- Paul Filthy

Paul Filthy uses Ice Spiker Styling Glue and Ice Blasting Spray and refuses to divulge his method. I'm guessing he puts the glue and spray into his hair, then blow-dries it...all while hanging upside down from the ceiling like a bat. Then again, his lovely stylist (who doubles as his main squeeze) may have shown him a crazy trick or two. If you think your hair sucks, it probably does. You should ask Vanessa about getting that fixed.


Joe Friday said...

I believe I asked that question!

Xtal Case said...

You both did, actually.

Mr.Reynoso said...

No, it's not OK to use a flat iron...and I use eyeliner!