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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ask Paul: What's Your Caffeine of Choice?

Everyone sucks and hasn't sent anything in for the "Ask Paul" this week, so I improvised. I've been craving caffeine today, so I figured I'd ask Paul what his favorite caffeinated drink is. Here is his reponse.

"Simply: Coffee.

Coffee is by far the easiest to make, transport (in its dry form, of course) and is by far cheaper than anything carbonated.

Coffee does have its downfall tho: Never try playing a show right after slamming a big 'ol mug-o-joe. It's a pee/vomit experience that no one should ever have to experience.

My favorite way to drink coffee is rather old-man-ish; black with a little sugar. Being the coffee fan that I am, I made the horrible mistake of working for the (and I mean THE) giant corporate coffee monster (whose name I don't want to mention, as they would probably sue) and in that dark span of my life acquired not only the ability to guess what kind of coffee drink 4 out 5 people drink, but also a good amount of back-stocked coffee beans, so I needn't buy any coffee for a good long while.

...and just to tie the coffee enthusiast to the music equipment nerd; my trademark cup at work is a Sennheiser mug I acquired a few years back.

Now if only Volvo made coffee as well as cars. Then I could have all the dorky things I like rolled into one single, delicious, automotively swedish, musically caffeinated sip of coffee.


Also, I realize he isn't drinking coffee in the picture, but it IS a damn funny picture, is it not? When all else fails, I go for humor.

Now someone stop making my life hard and send in a damn question!

Oh, and if you were wondering what coffee place he used to work at, I've created this little brain teaser to help you out!

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Ness said...

aw... how funny. i have a blackmail photo or two- i just uploaded them!