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Friday, May 9, 2008

A True Showing of my Dedication

At work, I've been helping develop questions for State exams by meeting with really high ranking people in the building. On Wednesday, I was in one of those meetings and had just passed out the changes we made the day before to the question set we were working on. One of the managers kind of stifled a laughed, then said, "uh, I think I see a typo in Question Two..." We all skimmed the sentence, then started giggling like twelve year olds in sex education.

What do you think the typo was?

I've gotten so accustomed to typing the work "Secretions" that when I try to type "secret", "section", or any other really similar words, I just end up fucking it up without realizing it.

The managers thought it was funny, and one of them actually asked, "isn't that your boyfriend's band?" So no harm done.

God forbid there be a secret section with a secretary, right?

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