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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ask Paul: What Came First?

What came first, the turkey or the egg?

Ah! an ageless classic of a question! Philosophers have been wracking their brains since the beginning of civilization on this one, and it is only slightly less pondered than cultural involvement in land wars in Asia!

If approached blatantly head-on, there seems no answer, as turkey begets egg and vice versa. We have to assimilate and dissect the entire process/statement/idea to find deeper questions to which the true anatomy of the quandary can be outlined.

Here are some that stick out the most to me:

A. From an evolutionist stand point, turkeys weren't always turkeys per-say. With that in mind then didn't a close-to-turkey bird lay an egg that was (via mutation) a turkey as we know them today?

B. What do turkey eggs taste like? If they tasted good, turkeys would probably be infanta-cannibalistic and subsequently lead themselves into extinction. (that's my theory on why babies taste awful).

C. What kind of turkeys are in question? If referencing American Wild Turkey (Numida Meleagris), then yes, they are egg-laying fowl, however there are exceptions to this. If the bird in question is the Siberian Shrub Turkey (Siberius Meleagris), which divide asexually, or the Californian Jive Turkey (Caucasius Meleagris) which bear live young, then the entire statement is moot.


Joe Friday said...

Haha... What "came" first... HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Garrick Goatboy said...

you there...... friday....... GET OUT!
also penis.