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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ask Paul: Where Can I Find A Romantic Dinner?

Hello and welcome to our very first "Ask Paul"! Our first question came from the artist formerly known as Rat Apricot (who now goes by James - apparently). Thanks for the question James!

James "Rat Apricot":

"Where can I get a romantic dinner without the typical romantic dinner prices?"

Paul Filthy:

"What'r you, a cheapskate?! Dude, chicks can smell that a mile away! If you really want to romance her on the cheap, find an empty wine bottle, fill it with your favorite boxed wine (if she asks about the seal on the cork, just say "I'm letting it breathe a bit", you'll look like you know a thing or two about wine), pick some flowers outta someone's yard (be sure to shake the spiders out of the flowers before presenting them tho), and "picnic" in the park. It's a tried and true method, just ask anyone.

...Or you could go to Dragonfly, I heard they had a Happy Hour Sushi special..."

Click here to check out Dragonfly's menu.

Keep submitting questions! I'm going to try to have this out every Wednesday (no promises).

1 comment:

Mr.Reynoso said...

That's not the only thing Paul needs to shake the spiders out of!