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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ask Paul: Dog noses...

Dear Paul,

Why are dog noses cold and wet?

- Slimed in Sacramento

Dear Slimed,

In all honesty, I was gonna come up with something ridiculous based around the use of the nose as a cooling mechanism, and it totally turned out to be true!!!

Although in my explanation (extrapolation), it would be explained that each and every canine is actually powered by a small fission reactor and the nose is only the closed-circuit radiator portion of a very complex cascading cooling system. *shrug* But what do I know about dogs? Clearly not as much as I know about nuclear reactors...

Oh, and Ha! Check out the Word of the Day!

naif \nah-EEF; ny-\, adjective:
1. Naive.
1. A naive or inexperienced person.

*wipes away tears of laughter*

- Paul

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