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Monday, September 1, 2008


As you probably already know, the VFW Hall in Orangevale hosted it's last show last Saturday (Whiskey Rebels) and then closed down forever. I think "what a fucking shame" pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter. I asked some Secretins how they felt about it, their answers are below.

The VFW is my number #1 favorite venue for shows, its chill and the bar is the best part. The bartenders are sweet and they make some potent drinks for cheap. The fact that another all-ages venue is being shut down is upsetting, and this is an act that just continues the pattern of wiping out our scene. I'm really gonna miss that place, I've seen a lot of good shows there.

- Ali

I can't believe the VFW is closing, I haven't been going to shows there long but it is easily one of my favorite Sacramento venues. They are all ages, have a bar, and don't have asshole security. What's not to love?

- Avi

That show was fucking amazing. It was the best I've seen of those bands in a while. During Final Summation I was doing everything I could to keep from bursting. It was great to see such a large crowd. Not to mention, such a large INVOLVED crowd. There seems to be a decline in show attendance lately, and I was losing some faith in Sacramento. Saturday restored a bit of that, though. I saw a lot of old faces come out of the woodwork, and even more new ones. For once I didn't personally know every single person in attendance. That was rad.

I honestly came damn near to tears when I heard about the VFW. Last December, Gary said there was a chance it may be shutting down, but they pulled through. This time, unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do. Gary has been running that post for 25 years, and has been hosting shows for over two now.

It is definately a HUGE blow to the Sacramento scene. I was often there multiple times a week. The first show that I ever booked was at that place. I had a tough time coming up with the money, and Gary cut me some slack. He is the coolest motherfucker around. He has always helped me out and worked with anyone and everyone who wanted to book a show there. He put up with so many awful bands and so much bullshit, but never ever complained. He just faded into the background, appearing only to break up a fight or something.

The VFW was the last good place to have a show. There were really no rules, no regulations...totally DIY. There was a whole species of chaos that you could only find there. When all the "big" punk and hardcore bands would come through, they would play that hall. Now I'm scared that they will just bypass Sacramento all together. Talk about getting kicked in the balls. The best shows I have ever been to were there. Basically.. it sucks.

Now is the time for all the talkers to finally get off their asses and come together to get a new venue going.

- Lys Mayo

The VFW closing down is wrong. Considering how tiny the place is, it has some pretty good shows at good prices, and one of the places where it allows all ages to go to.

- Buncum

I think it's pretty sad to see another venue closing down. The VFW was great, it was almost like anarchy inside during the show. People thrashing around, smoking, and other sorts of mischief. I hadn't been to many shows there, nor had my band The Disgusteens even played there, but I will miss it. Especially for the fact that another all ages venue is gone. One of the best shows I was at was the Punk Vs. Rockabilly 2, with the Three Bad Jacks headlining. That show was insane! The pit was pure chaos. And any band whose set involves lighter fluid is badass in my book.

Like the saying goes, "Everytime a door closes, a window opens." Maybe a new venue will open in place of the VFW. It's all we can hope for.

R.I.P. Orangevale VFW

- Joe Friday

I think its a big blow to the Sacto Punk Scene, its a great and affordable all ages venue. I dont think I have a favorite show from there, the energy is great from every band that performs there, EVERY VFW show I've been to pretty much blew me away.

- Travis Latrine

Thanks to everyone who came to the Left Alone, Final Summation, Secretions, STD, No Admission show last week. Another all ages venue is closing down but it's clear to me from looking at the crowd that night that the all ages scene is alive and well. We will keep rocking, wherever and whenever.

Here are my pictures from that show (with a couple from Avi).

Here are some pictures of the 08/23/08 VFW show on Charity Case's flickr photostream.

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