"The Secretions are men of peace in a world of mayhem. They are poets and onanists and bloodsucking freaks. They are punk rock."

- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Secretin of the Week

The Secretin of the week is Natalie, who I'm sure you've probably been man handled by in the pit at shows. I've heard her referred to as a mini-me of Sarah Jane from Ashtray, which is pretty accurate because everyone knows how bad ass SJ is.

Name: Natalie

Age: Younger than you'd think

City: Way way far out from Sacramento. Population of this place is like 250. You don't want to know.....

School: Sacramento New Technology High School...and I still don't know how to steal music from the internet!

Favorite Secretions Album: Definitely 'Til Death. It wasn't the first album I bought, but I love it. After the first show I went to, I went out and bought this one and Coming to Save the World.

Favorite Secretions Song: Gawsh, probably Sick of Feeling Like Shit. That song is pretty much the song I listen to when I just can't take people anymore. Troublemaker is pretty damn rad too. Reminds me of myself. And Kick Your Daddy's Ass gives me chills every time I hear it, cus it's just that good.

Favorite Secretions Video: Cemetery Pogo

Favorite Secretion: Danny Secretion. Last show he said he loved me, so I can't really deny that. Plus, he has that way cool radio show. And we're both drummers. It's a drumming bond thing.

How did you find out about the Secretions? I heard Kick Your Daddy's Ass on KWOD and a friend of mine had Boner as his myspace song. I'd heard a lot of stuff about them, but I'd never gotten around to seeing them until like July.

When was the first time you saw them play live? I first saw them at Club Retro in July with a bunch of other amazing bands. It was quite a life-changing experience.

As most life-changing experiences, it started out with this guy blowing me off. So I just thought "Well screw him, I'm gonna go out and have the best night of my life." So I took a chick friend of mine (who is now a devout Secretin) and the day before I went and bought their newest album and memorized every song. It was amazing, cus they were like the funnest, most honest, coolest, punk band I'd heard in forever.

We showed up hella early and met the band and it was way cool. The whole energy of the show restored my faith in the punk scene, and well...pretty much life in general. Ever since then, me and my friend Yessi been going to a Secretions show like every month.

Where are you usually found at concerts? I rotate between getting my tiny ass kicked in the pit, trying to make conversation with people I don't know, and getting verbally abused. I like hanging out in the parking lot. I'm usually not chill enough to just stand still. If you see me, say hi to me.

Best part of concerts: Getting very very dirty. I am a filthy person and I am sure I have AIDs or something by now.

Do your parents know you're a Secretin? What do they think of it? My mom sees cuts and bruises all over me and I smell like drugs and booze and sweat when I get home. She just says she doesn't want to hear about it. I told them about this [being the Secretin of the Week] today and she was all "better Secretin of the week than Secretin of the year". But I think they're pretty cool with it.

How did you make that homemade patch? What I usually do is I make a stencil with an x-acto knife and then I use craft paint to put the design on. But I had to go to work one day before the first show I went to at Club Retro and I'd really wanted to make a patch so I did it fast with an iron-on transfer and sewed it on my jacket while I was at work. But iron on transfers are way too expensive (and kind of weird to use...I mean seriously, who the hell irons anyway?), so I'd suggest the first technique.

Any funny stories you'd like to share? Guys try to pick up on me at shows sometimes. The best line I've heard is when I asked someones name they said "Oh ya know...I'm that guy. The one in your dreams. But you probably don't recognize me because I just got a haircut".

I had someone get me a cup of water at the last show and I guess I made them mad or something cuz when they came back they wouldn't give it to me. SO I just opened my mouth and they pretty much just spit the water in my mouth. Like I said, I'm a filthy person.

Also, I recently started using disposable cameras, rather than digital. It's worth the money for prints. All the ass shots and horrible facial expression are worth it. Not to mention, with a disposable, you don't get those bitches who want to make sure the picture of them looks amazing.

Add Natalie on myspace and flickr and don't forget to say hi to her at shows!

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Joe Friday said...

Wow, that pick up line sounds like something I'd say. Hahaha!