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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That Kinda Girl Video FINISHED!

Excellent news everyone! The "That Kinda Girl" video is DONE. It looks freakin' awesome! The bad news is that you don't get to see it...yet.

BUT (more good news), the video will pemier at the Crest Theater on Saturday, August 9th as part of the Sac Music Seen night for Sac Film & Music Festival...which is HUGE news all on it's own.

Tickets are normally $10, but the guy running the festival is going to cut us a deal of $6 per ticket for any number for any amount of tickets purchased together over ten. I know at least ten of you want to go, so leave a comment below indicating that you want in on this deal. Once we have ten people, we can collect the money and go buy them.

1 comment:

Tony Silva said...

I, Tony Silva, HELLLA wanna go! and i can get 6 Dollars!