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Friday, July 11, 2008

30 Gigs in 30 Days

7/22/08 Update:

I talked to Jerry Perry about this article and found out something unpleasant. At least one of these guys is a total fraud.

If you read the article, they wrote about the Prince Tribute show at Old Ironsides, which was booked and hosted by Jerry Perry. I went to that show, but only stayed for a little while because I wasn't feeling well and had to get up early the next morning. The author of this entry described this show, and it's audience, pretty brutally and even went as far as to say the crowd was a bunch of women in short skirts showing off their cellulite and guys in headbands. I hadn't remembered that kind of crowd AT ALL, but figured they must have showed up after I split. They author also went on the describe Young Aundee's performance in less than kind terms. Awkwardly enough, Young Aundee cancelled and didn't even set foot in Old Ironsides because they all got sick. Interesting.

Mysteriously, that entry is longer available on the News & Review site, and I've noticed other bits there were in there before are missing as well.

Lesson to be learned: don't believe everything you read, especially this blog.


Check out this article from the News & Review.

Two writers went to thirty shows in thirty days and wrote about each one. Some of the entries mention Danny's Fire Escape solo show, Isonomy's last show, Ken Thrash, the fact that Kiel from Final Summation goes to everything, as well as other people/places we are familiar with.

I also think everyone should read it because it's good insight into the state of our music scene. I don't agree with everything they wrote, but when it comes down to it, that really doesn't matter.
Read it.

Excerpt about Danny's Fire Escape appearance:

"I enter the Fire Escape Bar and Grill in Citrus Heights and punk Danny Secretion welcomes me with an F-bomb. Oh, it’s a song: “Three Chords and a Fuck You” or something like that. Kinda belabored, kinda catchy. He’s solo, sans co-Secretions, just wrapping up his set. I order a beer, bottled."

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