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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who the FUCK are the Lizards?!

Ok, so. Remember how every year Danny throws his Big Ass Birthday Bash shows and donates the money to some guy with cancer from Japan? Well, that guy's name is J Onyskin and he used to be in this bitchin' Sacramento band called the Lizards with Dave Downey (who owns World's Best Comics and is now in Whizbang).

This weekend, J is visiting from Japan and playing a Lizards show at the Javalounge on Saturday night. That will probably be a pretty cool show, but me and half of No Admission can't go so Mickie is throwing a BBQ earlier that day at Casa de Chaos. The Lizards will be playing in the basement, as well as Johnny Dismal's (former Teenage Harlet) new band, Horror-X.

As you might have known (er - smelled), there was some sewage drama at Casa not too long ago. Mickie's slumlord finally sent enough tweakers from his homeless hotel down to get the backyard fixed. There isn't even that crazy dirty heap by the stairs anymore! Sweet!

We're too broke to feed you assholes, but we will have the actual BBQs (both herbivore and carnivore). Bring some weenies and buns and come hang out with J!

Here's the information again (real slow for all you tards)

Saturday, July 12 - J Onyskin BBQ of Doom
featuring the Lizards and Horror-X
2pm-5pm All Ages
BYOW (Bring Your Own Weenies)
Also, BMSB (Bring Me Some Beer)

Hope to see everyone there!


BobMac said...

I loved the Lizards! I still have (and still play) my Lizards vinyl albums. I can't recall a more unique band in Sac history.

Samantha Marie said...

The Lizards are so fucking good! Really hoping I make it out of work in time for the BBQ and Javalounge shows.