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Thursday, April 24, 2008

R5 Show Tonight, and Top Secret Mission!

Hey all you Secretins or wanna be Secretins!

Come to R5 records (Broadway and 16th) tonight (Thurs, April 24th) to get your next assignment!

Your next assignment, if you choose to accept it (and if you do accept it we will disavow all knowledge of your existence) is to promote for the Cesar Chavez park show on June 13!

We just made 283479283740928 full color flyers and we need everyone's help to pass them out!

So come the the R5 show tonight or to the VFW Secretions show tomorrow and ask Mickie Rat to give you your stack of flyers! If for some reason you can't make it to the show but still want to help flyer, email Mickie @ mickierat@gmail.com and make arrangements with him to get some (get some flyers, I mean).

Rough Chukar, our friends from Seattle are coming to visit and they are bringing another Seattle band, Whiskey Tango, with them. Rough Chukar played at Inferno with Final Summation, Dance for Destruction, and Isonomy back in January and they rocked the fuck out. Their music is high-powered, catchy, and intense. They love Sacramento and have been planning to come back since before they even left last time, so Mickie got them a show at R5 records at 16th and Broadway in Sacramento. Mickie will be opening the show with an acoustic set and fellow Gridrat Eoin will be joining him.

The show starts at 7PM and has to be over by 9PM so don't be late or you will miss the rock!! Here are the details:

Thursday April 24
Mickie Rat
Rough Chukar (from Seattle)
Whiskey Tango (from Seattle)

Hope to see everyone there!

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