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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Show Review 12/08/07

This shows main appeal [for me anyway] was the fact that the Cobra Skulls were playing. I saw them once about a year ago at this crazy house party in Reno and, although I was wasted beyond belief, I do remember liking them quite a bit. Least to say, I was excited to hear that the Secretions had gotten them a show in Sacramento.

Isonomy opened and impressed me AGAIN. The sheer talent of the up and coming Sacramento punk bands is unbelievable.

STD followed and sounded like they've been practicing. Their Rancid covers are my favorite.

I unfortunately missed most of Drastic Actions because I ended up outside chatting with people I hadn't seen in a while. From what I could hear, they sounded good.

Then the Cobra Skulls played. My favorite thing about the Cobra Skulls are their vocals. They have multiple singers and they sing TOGETHER, which is kind of uncommon with punk bands. Their voices blend really well and manage to maintain tightness with each other and clarity, which is difficult to do. They put on a good show and I sincerely hope they had as much fun as everyone else did.

Secretions were as amazing as ever and I thought their set list flowed really well from one song to the next. They tried to end the set with "Cemetery Pogo" but the overwhelming shouts for "Boner" persevered.

Final Summation headlined and blew everyone out of the water, as usual. Kiel is my favorite drummer to watch because he never looks stressed out while he's drumming. He always looks like he's having fun and he almost dances behind the drum set, not mention the ease with which he pulls off these crazy, complicated drum fills. I'd love to hear a recording of just Kiel drumming, I bet it would be perfectly good all on it's own. Next time you see Final Summation, check out Kiel and try to tell me he isn't the coolest drummer ever.

Despite it being somewhere below zero degrees out, the turnout was awesome. It so encouraging to see people coming out to support other bands, especially when the venue (VFW Hall) is way out in Orangevale. The crowd was really well behaved because they managed to keep two different pits going for almost the entire show and no one got hurt. You know it's a good crowd when that happens. That says a lot for the Sacramento punk scene and I'm grateful for every single Sacramento punk who doesn't act like an asshole and end up getting the shows and venues shut down.

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