"The Secretions are men of peace in a world of mayhem. They are poets and onanists and bloodsucking freaks. They are punk rock."

- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secretions In Alive & Kicking

Last night me and Mickie went over to Jerry Perry's to proofread Alive & Kicking. It's the 150th paper, so Jerry wanted it to be special. The theme he decided upon was a celebration of the A&K covers and their accompanying stories. Basically, the issue will feature thumbnail images of each cover, and a funny snippet from the cover story. Ted didn't have the printouts back to us yet, so we were only able to proof the text, but it looks like it's going to be awesome.

Anyway, one of the Secretions covers (the one from a few months ago) will be in there and there's a funny snippet about Dan's drunk dialing habits.

Watch for it! You can find Alive & Kicking all of Sacramento and especially midtown. If all else fails, try Javalounge or True Love.

Here is the Secretions zombie cover from a few years ago. I used to have this cover on my wall when I was in high school.

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