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- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Friday, December 28, 2007

12/27/07 Flyering!

Yesterday, the Secretins hit Arden and Sunrise malls full force to promote the January 5th show. The malls weren't as busy as we expected, so we probably only handed out like 150 flyers, but it's still a really good start and that's 150 more people that will know about the show now.

We picked up Garrick from the downtown mall around noon and met Adam and Danny from No Admission, their friend Matt, and Lys Mayo of Isonomy at my house. Then we all loaded in to Mickie's mini van, grabbed some Jolts from the Choice Market, and took off.

I'm still not clear on the reasoning behind this...but Danny was saving all his spit in a water bottle for something. Probably something gross. Anyway, the spit looked so gross in the water bottle and grossed Danny out so much that he actually threw up in a trash can outside of Macy's in Sunrise Mall. The best part? The throw up was this sick purplish brown from all the Grape Jolt he drank beforehand.

Here are some pictures from our day.

To see more of the pictures, or to check out other Secretion-related pictures, check out the Secretion's Flickr Group

Special thanks to ...

- Adam, Danny, Garrick, Matt, and Lys Mayo for busting their asses to help us flyer.

- Jolt for giving us energy.

- Nordstroms for having a bathroom.

- The Arden Mall security guard for telling us not to flyer, then letting us give her a flyer.

- Arden Hot Topic employees for being such assholes and trying to get us kicked out for flyering in the store. You know, Hot Topic, it's all about the music, right?

- Sunrise mall scene kids for being so damn impressionable.

If you want to get in on the action and help us flyer, or organize your own flyering date, check out the Secretin Street Team on myspace and get involved. Mickie and I will likely be flyering later this weekend or early next week, so stay tuned!


NES said...
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NES said...

Hot Topic?? Really?? (hides face) You are usually allowed to leave a stack up at the register. Foo.

Travis Latrine said...

tell me a day or two in advance cuz id totally like to go flyering with you guys, and im sure a friend or two of mine will wanna go too