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Monday, July 5, 2010

Tour journal, day five.

It's day five of tour and this is the first day I've had some spare time where I'm not driving, recovering, playing shows, or just plain too hung over to sit and write. We played a fun show in Glendale, Arizona last night and are now headed to Flagstaff for a house party show that promises to be amazing.

So far the show that was the most fun was the show at the Radio Room in San Diego. It was unfortunately the last show there as the bar was changing ownership. There were eleven bands on the show and it was just starting when we pulled into the parking lot of the club. All of the bands were great, but our favorites were Revenge Club, Accoutrements, Save Amos and Breaker Breaker One Niner. Check these bands out if you get a chance.

It's been nice traveling in a rental van for this tour, especially since it's been upwards of 100 degrees here in Arizona every day. I miss our van Lemmy a bit, but I won't deny it's nice to have air conditioning. It's definitely the way to go when you tour, there is a lot less to worry about on the trip.
No checking oil constantly, no wondering when (not if) the alternators going to fail, no overheating in the way to Vegas. It's costing quite a bit but it's worth it. I'll try to post more regularly to help you all share in the adventure, but if I don't, just know it's because I'm having a blast. Flagstaff here we come!

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