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Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Nine: Feelin not so fine.

We have been driving to Portland since 9 this morning and I am about to get some serious Space Madness going on. I will go mad if I don't get more space!

Tour has been fun so far. Getting to see Bastards Of Young every night is making me like them more and more. They played a great sounding set in Fresno last night. Check the Secretions Flickr for a picture.

The most fun show of tour so far has been Flagstaff. Jeremy, formerly of the F-Holes, now in the Acousticks, set us up with a show at a local punk house that rivaled the best times I've had at my own beloved Casa De Chaos back in Sacramento. The show was in the front room which was pretty small. The place was packed for our set and everyone was rocking out so hard that Paul and I almost got clobbered a few times. There was even crowd surfing! Everyone was drinking and having a great time and no one was being a drunk asshole or hurting anyone else. For me, it was about as perfect as a show can get on tour.

As fun as tour has been though, there have been a few "casualties." Patrick from Bastards Of Young found out that the speakers on his rare vintage '68 Fender Twin guitar amp were blown a few days ago. Tour can be tough on amps, and people too. After our evening of partying in Las Vegas, Danny came down with a cold and has been hibernating in the back of the van trying to kick it for the last two days. At the show the other night in Long Beach, I was watching Gruk from the edge of the pit when someone fell on my bad knee with their full weight and hyperextended it a bit, so it hurts a bit to walk.

For many people these things would be tour-ending, but we Secretions are of the old school mindset of show business that "the show MUST go on" no matter what. Hopefully we all recover swiftly and are back to full rockness soon. Don't worry folks, just send us your good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

As I write this, the long drive continues with Paul Filthy at the wheel. Luckily we are hanging out in the great Northwest for the next five days, so the rest of our drives will be relatively short.

Wish us luck, wish us well, and if you know anyone in this neck of the woods, tell them to come check us out and buy us a beer (or possibly some chicken soup?). Until the next hellishly long drive, this is Mickie Rat, signing off, and possibly trying to fall asleep until we get to Portland.

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