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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finished! (almost)

Hey kids! Mickie Rat here, informing all of you Secretins out there that The Secretions have finally finished recording their newest CD, GREASYHOTMEATCHEEZY. The mixing process has begun here at Pus Cavern Studio, with master engineer Joe Johnston presiding over the control board. You may be saying “Who's that?” but Joe is responsible for bringing you cool recordings from artists like Cake, Silversun Pickups, Tesla, and Ghost of The Robot, among many others you may have heard of. This is the third and last day we will be here at Pus Cavern. You might be thinking “Wow, it only takes three days to record a CD?” Damn, you sure are asking a lot of questions. It's kinda starting to annoy me.

The answer to that question is, no, it usually takes a lot longer to record a CD. The reason we only take three days is because studio time is really expensive if you want to work with the best. We're broke punk rockers that have to pay for everything ourselves, so we try to get everything done as quickly as we can. It would be awesome to spend a week or even two in the studio, but that takes more money than we have at the moment. Luckily for us, Mr. Johnston is a pro at working with broke-ass punks like us and knows how to turn out a quality product on a tight schedule. Here's how today's whirlwind session went so far:

We started out this morning finishing up backing vocals on a few songs that we didn't get to last night. Danny, Paul and myself put on our headphones and yelled our guts out through several tracks. We had a few friends come in to help us such as Jack Heart from Dead Pony Society and Tony “Bust a Move” Silva. My fellow Gridrat and Silver Sprocket guy Eoin assisted us on a few songs as well. We tried to get a few former Secretions such as Dave Leon and Kevin Stockton to yell along with us, but they have jobs like the rest of us poor schmucks and unfortunately had to go to them today. We are finally finished with all of the vocal tracks, and what comes now is the long, mind numbing process of listening to the same songs over and over again until every instrument and vocal sounds like it's at the right volume to be totally rockin'. For me this is kind of torturing because I have a really short attention span. Lucky for me Joe does not. I am so grateful that someone has the patience to make everything sound just right. It is a skill that I have no problem paying someone else for.

Eoin and I took a few pictures of this morning's shenanigans, so if you want to see them, copy and paste this link: http://tinyurl.com/GHMCrec or click on the title of this post at the top of this story.

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