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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Capitol Dawg

Capitol Dawg, for those of you who don't know, is a hot dog joint in Midtown, Sacramento that Mickie and I have been frequenting the better part of the last year, and count it as one of our favorite places to eat in Sacramento.

Everyone we've taken there has loved it and returned with other Cap Dawg virgins. The owner, Mike, is a friendly, genuine, open-minded business owner who is a blast to hang out with and values criticism as much as praise. He works hard to create and maintain relationships with his customers and provide an atmosphere that people want to be around. I've spent many happy hours just hanging out on the patio with a couple friends and some beers. The menu offers everything from the greasiest, hottest, meatiest, cheesiest bratwurst to a complete loaded dog that any vegan can eat guilt free. How many places do you know like that?

I'm posting this on here because, while it isn't technically a Secretions related article, it is still of interest to many of the people who visit this site. Somehow, Cap Dawg has become a part of the Secretions culture.

It's a regular meeting spot for me, Erin, and Vanessa to grab a bite and a couple beers while the guys are practicing - hell, sometimes they delay practice so they can join us. I know of a handful of Secretins who come from Woodland and Elk Grove so they can meet up at Cap Dawg and hang out. The owner is enthusiastic about the local art and music culture and is always really cool about allowing flyers and posters in the restaurant.

The other day, while I was hanging out on the patio shooting the shit with Mike, he mentioned that Cap Dawg was one of the voting options for KCRA's A-list, which is like a "Best of Sacramento" type of list. Right now, voting is open. Sure, you have to make a log-in name but they don't spam you and it only takes a second and I think Mike, and Capitol Dawg, deserve a second of your time.

So, visit KCRA's site here to vote for Cap Dawg as the best hot dog in town. It's a helluva lot better than any other place on the list.

If you haven't been to Capitol Dawg, check out their website or these silly photos. Or stop by for one of their specials nights. $.88 PBRs on Mondays, $2 dogs, beers, and ice cream on Tuesdays. You won't regret it.

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Travis Latrine said...

psh I voted for this like 2 months ago!