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Monday, October 6, 2008

Recipe Rant by Vanessa

"The following recipes have been collected over the past few weeks. These recipes may require supervision, the knowledge of basic fire safety skills, and a list of numbers for the local poison control centers. You also may need to ask ma how to boil water first. Oh, but what are myspace friends for, right? Post a bulletin and ask them.

Contributed by Lil' Ian (or Lilian for those of us that like to emasculate him) of Go Luckie Kustoms.

Take 1 can of beer and pour over one chicken, then cook it and enjoy! Delicious!

[note from vanessa - please use caution when cooking raw poultry, and please make sure the animal is in fact deceased]

[note from crystal - click here to see a more detailed recipe for "beer butt chicken"]

DIY Hamburger Helper Sorta
Contributed by Mattomatic (the artist formerly known as Matt DGAF)

Make mac and cheese as you normally would, this is a perfect time to learn to boil water. Mix in 1 can tomato sauce, ground beef or fake ground beef, chili powder, and whatever other seasonings you like, and then enjoy!

[note from vanessa - try adding fresh cilantro to the mix, garlic powder or tapatio for an extra kick in the teeth - yum]

Thus concludes my recipe rant. For now."

- Vanessa

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