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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beer, Butcher Shops and Nimrods

Where in the world in Danny Secretion? I know we're all wondering how he's doing. Danny is obviously busy being European right now so Erin wrote in and gave us an update! Thanks Erin!

"I dropped Danny off at the airport EARLY the morning of October 1st. He was nervous and half asleep but also VERY excited.

He arrived in Brussels on the 2nd and he, Dino and Kepi explored the town and he called me to report on butcher shops. Yes, you know how Danny likes his meat. I guess there is a butcher shop on every corner and he, along with Kepi and Dino popped in to take a peek…and a picture. Apparently, taking pictures of meat is frowned upon in Brussels because Danny was verbally accosted by the butcher.

Fortunately, Danny doesn't speak French so it didn't matter too much.

The first show was in Rotterdam, Holland on the 3rd. It was Kepi and Dino's first electric show of tour and Danny's first time playing with them in months. He was nervous but Kepi said "Danny KICKED ASS at his first show!"

Of course he did…he IS a Secretion.

Anywho, other than meat and rock shows, the band got to stay with The Nimrods who apparently have a tiki bar and pigs. I got a call at around 7:30 pm on Saturday (close to 4am his time) and he said they had been up all night drinking and singing karaoke.

Danny sounds like he is having a BLAST each time I talk to him though I know he misses home and all of the Secretins."

- Erin

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