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Friday, October 24, 2008

Equipment's Packed and We're All Jammed...

What items can you not live without on tour? Don't say stupid things like "gas" - that stuff is obvious. Feel free to tell us about your teddy bears and lotion and tube socks.

Mickie - I always have to have Jolt Cola. Sometimes I will even take up valuable space in the van with a case or two of Jolt before we leave because it is very hard to find outside of California.

Also I always bring snacks and basic punk rock food staples like bread and peanut butter because sometimes you have a 12 hour drive and you don't always have time to stop and eat.

Another must have is my mini DVD player, that is essential for not going stir crazy during long drives.

Danny - Baby wipes, Deodorant, Clean underwear, Coffee, RAMONES, Cell phone.

Paul - I sure hope Danny lists his "Geritol"

1. A Good Book: There's a lot of van-time when your on the road. Some folks like to bring DVD players, or video games, but I dig on books when I'm traveling. Also keeps me from killing the people I'm riding with. Trust me, tour without a book in Paul Filthy's possession would soon become a blood-bath.

2. Caffeine: This really only applies if I have the driving shift. When I'm not driving, then downers. Hey, member that episode of the Simpsons when Homer tries to be a trucker and takes all that NoDoze and sleeping pills? ...yeah, you get the idea...

3. Hairspray: Last time we toured with Final Summation (when Bear and Jordan were both sporting mohawks and I had crazy spikey hair), I think both bands went through something like seven or eight cans... So much for the environment...

4. Danny Secretion's AAA membership. (that one is self-explanatory)

5. Gold-Bond Medicated Body powder...for those summertime days/weeks when showering is not an option, and...well... things are getting a little "damp".

What do YOU bring on tour or road trips? Use that Comment button guys!


Noland said...

1) Viso (natural energy drink made in portland) or Blue Jolt in the cryogenic locked tall can.
2) Thrasher Magazine because a day without skateboarding isn't a day worth living. Even when I'm not skating, I'm thinking about it!
3) 'Til Death - Double 0 Summer is a fantastic song for road trips, not just tours!
4) PS2 - I can't afford a PS3, but a PS2 has a DVD player and I can play all of the Tony Hawk and Hockey games I can stomach
5) Lastly, beef jerky and Slurpies, it's no a car trip without those two!

FreaKeroppi said...

In my last trip...

1 - Snacks. Includes but is not limited to: Chips, Soda, Jerky, Candy... whatever I can fit in a small plastic bag.

2 - Nintendo DS and a very lengthy RPG (ie. Final Fantasy). It will take away hours of boredom.

3 - Books. Comics, manga, magazines, or straight novels. You NEED something to read. Video games and movies will only hold you for so long.

4 - iPod, CDs, Cassettes... anything that plays music. If you're driving, it's the only way you'll keep your sanity.

Joe Friday said...

1. Music - Any way I can play it. I prefer an iPod or a CD player. If I'm using the CD player, I will blow through batteries. Which leads me to number 2...

2. Batteries - These little bastards are pricy. Always take 'em with you first.

3. Magazines - I usually read these three magazines: Rolling Stone, Car Kulture Deluxe, and Guitar World. Those are my top three. I mix it up by throwing in AMP or Loud, Fast, Rules.

4. Whatever book I'm currently reading - When I went to Austrailia over the summer, I blew through Jack Kerouac's "On The Road". Such a great book. And I almost ALWAYS take Steven Blush's "American Hardcore" with me.

5. A caffeinated product - Weather it's Jolt, Amp, Dr. Pepper, Arizona tea, or caffeine tablets, if I'm going on a trip and want to be awake, I have at least one of these bad boys. For the opposite, I take Excedrin PM.

6. Notebook/Song book - You never know what may inspired you.

Eoin said...

I dont wear my silver sprocket jacket everywhere just because im an elitist jerk, but its like my utility belt...jacket. I usually dont have to pack anything extra but a toothbrush and a sleeping bag when i travel kuz i keep my most usefull tresures in there, such as.

Slingshot-Not an actual slingshot, but its a 5 by 4 little organizer that you can get for about 5 bucks (microcosmpublishing.com). and it tells you what has happened in radical history on everyday of the year. It has bunch of blank pages in the back not to mention a list of your rights when being stopped by the police or what to do if you get arrested, a radical contact list, what to do if someone overdoses, self defense tips, menstral calanders, how to start a food not bombs, basic bike repairs, a ruler and mesurment charts and conversion tables, and a whole bunch of other usefull things. its always come in handy.



pen-sharpie, ballpoint, and ridiculously large

stickers-this phone is tapped, this ___ is a pipe bomb, NO on prop 8, ect.

various trinkets to give people i think are cool, right now theres a bouncy ball, a smoke bomb, a little rubber duck, a drawing of me playing connect four against voldemort, and a lego stormtrooper.

bandana-(not just for crust-punks, prevents hypothermia)


buttons and patches

old crochety grandpa club card

other things possibly

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna fill a pillow case with bars of soap and beat the shit out of Paul while he's sleeping during our next long drive.