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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sac Film Festival

By Matt DGAF

The Sacramento Film & Music Festival held it's music video portion on Saturday, August 9th. The Secretions had two of their music videos playing that along with being in another for friends Final Summation's music video. All three Secretions were there to watch most all the videos which ranged from high school kids bands to in your face, well produced, metal bands videos.

The vibe for the night was that of anticipation, but I had two videos playing and was a nervous wreck so I can't be trusted on that.

First of my videos was the one I made out of 2007 tour footage for Final Summation's song "Leeroyalty." It went very well, people laughed at the funny parts and the claps and cheers at the end of it(as was with all the videos) made for a very proud moment for me. A lot of waiting and an intermission, in which I got to reflect on the "Leeroyatly" video with both bands, took place before we got to anything we were interested in seeing.

"So Pathetic," video, from the No-Goodniks got shown, and was really well done and funny, go check it out once it gets put on youtube.

Then was my video for the Secretions song "Faster than the speed of drunk." Laughing took place again, good laughing, and people seemed to enjoy it, even the Secretion/Final Summation and friends of the Secretions who had seen it more times then we can count.

Right after was the premiere of Aaron Lane's video for the Secretions song "That Kinda Girl." Right off the bat you could tell this was going to be big. The single logo of the Secretions record label Silver Sprocket got cheers, then even more for Aaron's logo, a rip off of George Lucas's production company. The video got the biggest cheers of the night and clearly was the best video of the night, and I'm saying that and I had videos in the thing!

It was a lot of fun and anyone thinking of going to any of the rest of the festival or next years music video portion should go without a doubt, we have a lot of video and musical talent in this town, be proud!


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