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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Faster Than The Speed of Drunk

Hello Lifeliners! Here is your behind the scenes guide to the Faster than The Speed of Drunk by Director, Producer, and Cameraman Matt DGAF!!!!!!

The video was fully shot at Mickie Rat's house, the live shots in the basement and the party shots in the living room and porch. Basically the boys played the song live 6 times or so and I filmed it from different angles and places. Exciting, huh? Oh, it was! The pit was rowdy and the beer was cold and everyone was having a great time, as you can see in the video.

Fact: There was no, what the call, "playback" on this shoot. Playback is when the track is played and the band acts like they are playing it, no, we did it all LIVE!!!!

Fact: Danny doesn't remember any of the party scenes, he was that drunk!

Fact: When Mickie sings "tour around the nation" the shot used was him saying "our friends from Final Summation."

Fact: The Gorilla is played by Adam Harlet, and if you watch, you can see him sneak up on Bear from Final Summation and put his finger in Bear's ear and make him laugh a little. At that point in the video Bear and Final Summation were supposed to be acting pissed and bored.

Fact: That is real fear on the face of Paul Filthy. Paul really fell down and could have hurt himself badly, but it worked great for the video! All he was really doing was saving his guitar from being hurt.

Fact: The video is shot fully live, no lip syncing at all.

Fact: The "Secretion in Cider" bottle from the "Cemetery Pogo" video can be seen a few times in the video, look for it!

Liz is not going down on Shawn, it just looks like it.

The video was going to be on the first pressing of the Faster Than The Speed of Drunk CD, but the pressing places messed it up, I'm told it will be on the SECOND PRESSING!!!!

The video was up on youtube shortly after being made, but few could view it. It wasn't until about 2am in a basement in a house in Vernal, Utah while on tour, that Matt and Danny made it public for all to see.

While on tour we would check the number views of the video and cheer each time it went up.

During the party, the song and whole cd was played over and over so Matt could get shots of people singing it.

Fact: The cost of the video, a few cases of PBR.


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