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Monday, June 9, 2008

Final Summation - The Movie?

One of the things I love about the Sacramento punk scene is the sense of family. Anyone who has a family knows that when one of the things that makes someone "family" is your willingness to help them out when they need it. Right now, the Secretions little punk rock brothers, Final Summation, need some help.

I know this site was created to talk about the Secretions only, but it's my site and I'm going to post what I want. Anyone who cares about the Secretions also cares about Final Summation...or should. Upon penalty of death.

As posted on myspace:

"I am currently trying to film a documentary on local punk band Final Summation. They are leaving for tour in two weeks. This will be their final US tour for quite some time.

This is their fourth US tour, and they are promoting their new album "A New Approach", out on Smelvis Records. We are looking for any kind of financial donation for a budget of the film. The tour has been booked, and the band is leaving regardless, but the film has financial snags. We need to raise $1,000 for the film to take place.

PLEASE, if you would like to help the local arts & entertainment scene in Sacramento, please e-mail me or the band (http://www.myspace.com/finalsummation) and let us know if you would like to donate any funds.

We will direct you where to send payments. You will receive special thanks in the credit and an advanced copy of the finished film, which, if shot, will be available in December/January.

Thank you in advance,

Andrew Hooper & Final Summation"

Just my luck, I'm in the middle of moving right now and I'm fucking broke. But I'm going to donate $10. If one hundred people who love Final Summation donate $10, they'll have the money they need. No one tours harder, practices harder, or loves their music more than Final Summation. And no other band has worse luck or gets shit on more than they do. If anyone deserves to be helped out, they do.

Get in touch with Final Summation here and figure out how you can help them out.

Also, pick up your copy of Alive & Kicking and read all about them! You'll get to hear about explosive tour poo!

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