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Monday, March 17, 2008

Mickie Rat...the New Britney Spears?!

SATURDAY, MARCH 15th. Sacramento punk rock royalty, Mickie Rat, was spotted in his Ford Aerostar in the 29th Street Jim Boy's drive-thru with his girlfriend's miniature pinscher, Chewie, on his lap.

A Sacramento Traffic Authority Representative commented, "with a puppy on his lap and his hands on the steering wheel, he is offering the puppy no protection whatsoever. Had he been rear-ended, the puppy would have been propelled at massive force into the Jim Boys drive-thru window and possibly ended up in one of their canitas tacos."

Mickie Rat could not be reached for comment, but a source stated that the dog was on the singer/bassist's lap because he was trying to shield the small animal from the camera-flashing paparazzi.

When asked about the incident, the girlfriend merely looked confused and wondered how she ended up writing an article and mentioning herself in the third person. Then she got herself another beer and all was well.

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iambirdi said...

Just as crazy as the Britney drama! Please continue to keep us informed ;o)