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- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Danny Secretion Solo Tour Merchandise!

On March 20th, Danny Secretion will be heading out for his first solo tour. He will be bringing CDs by the Secretions & The Knockoffs. Along with these amazing CDs, he will be bringing a slew of hilariously offensive shirts for sale. There will also be a limited run of stickers and buttons for sale. Help the poor guy get from town to town this month & buy something!

Also, for those of you under 21, if he is playing a bar show in your town, just get in touch with him through his personal myspace page and he will make sure to arrange a renegade parking lot set JUST FOR YOU. Contact him at http://myspace.com/DannySecretionSolo.

"Secretins" who make it out to these shows are encouraged to take lots of pictures & videos!

Here are his tour dates once again:

Danny Secretion "3 Chords & a Fuck You" March 2008 solo tour:

Mar 20 2008 Blackwater Cafe...all ages! Stockton, California

Mar 21 2008 Vinny's Bar Bakersfield, California

Mar 22 2008 Tower Bar San Diego, California

Mar 23 2008 Sultana Bar Williams, Arizona

Mar 24 2008 The Ruby Room Phoenix, Arizona

Mar 25 2008 Rainbow Planet Coffeehouse...all ages! Tucson, Arizona

Mar 26 2008 St. Elmo's Bar Bisbee, Arizona

Mar 27 2008 Applesauce Tea House...all ages! Flagstaff, Arizona

Mar 28 2008 Double Down Saloon Las Vegas

Mar 29 2008 The Pike Bar & Restaurant Long Beach, California

Mar 30 2008 Club Fred Fresno, California

Mar 31 2008 8:00P The Javalounge...all ages! Sacramento, California

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