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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gentlemen, Are You In Need of a Trim?

Hair Cutting!
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A few weeks ago, Mickie Rat got his hair trimmed by Anthony (from the Infamous Swanks) at Eddy's Deluxe Hair Cuts on J Street between 36th and 37th Streets.

It was my first time inside the shop and I was extremely impressed.

The shop is clean without being uncomfortably sterile looking. It has that vintage 50s feel without looking too cheesy.

I don't know what it was, but it actually smelled good in there. Whenever I walk into salons, I always brace myself for the unpleasant chemical smells that usually reside there. This place had none of those.

Plus, they had a bunch of really cool art of the wall, including some Kepi pieces, and a bunch of cool records and CDs for sale.

The amount of time between Mickie climbing into the chair to the time we were back at the car was probably only about twenty minutes. Anthony has some of the quickest, most-skilled hands I've seen (he'd give Sweeney Todd a run for his money for sure). Mickie loved his hair cut and has been talking about it ever since (which is quite a feat because when it comes to hair, Mickie is one of the most nuerotic, picky people I know).

If you're looking for a good hair cut, or know someone who is, send them to Anthony at Eddy's Deluxe. The service and quick and quality and the prices are so low you almost feel guilty afterward.

Check out their website and email Anthony with questions.

And if you do get a haircut there...don't be an asshole, make sure to leave a tip!

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