"The Secretions are men of peace in a world of mayhem. They are poets and onanists and bloodsucking freaks. They are punk rock."

- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Cemetery Pogo Video

Here is the Secretions' video for Cemetery Pogo. It was filmed a few years ago, back when Kevin Stockton was still in the band, but it's still really cool. I'm the one with pink hair.

Cemetery Pogo was filmed in Kevin Stockton's front yard which is kind of near Roseville, but essentially in the middle of nowhere. The video was produced and directed by Jonathan Morken of Apprehensive Films and shot by his crew.

As you can see, the storyline is pretty simple. A bunch of punks break into a cemetery at night to drink and fuck. Two zombies (who are played by Bear and Jordan from Final Summation) start chasing them around but the punks barely even notice and don't really seem too afraid of them. One punk is there with his girlfriend (played by Amber Kloss) but some other guy is trying to move in and some serious bitchiness ensues. At the end, we find out that the guy was crazy the whole time because his girlfriend is already dead and the asshole who was trying to move in gets his brains eaten anyway.

Here's some cool shit you probably didn't know about the video.

1. We had to film at night and it was freezing cold. We all huddled next to the filming lights to stay warm between takes.

2. Most of it was perfect on the first take. We only had to redo a couple shots.

3. The "brains" at the end are actually orange chicken from Panda Express. That was the last shot we did of the second night and we were all so hungry we seriously considered eating them off the ground.

4. Bear's facial expressions in the video are hilarious, but if you had been there to hear the sounds he was making, you would have wet your pants. We almost did.

5. The "blood" that Bear spits all over me was actually cocktail sauce. It went all down the front of my shirt AND into my armpit and there was nowhere to wash it off. That vest is still stained to this day.

6. If you look at the bottles we're drinking, they have fake labels on them that have the Secretions' faces as cartoons and the beer is called "Secretions in Cider". Get it? We like sex jokes.

7. FACT: Mickie and Dan are wearing more eyeliner than any of the girls in this video.

8. If you look closely at the shot of us all drinking in the graveyard and rocking out with the two zombies looking over the gravestone, you'll notice that we were trying to remake the shot from the cover of the Groovie Ghoulies' "Til Death Do Us Party" EP.

9. Zombie Bear gets me to sleep with him by giving me dead flowers he yoinked off of someone's grave. I'm actually that easy. Just kidding. But really...I am.

10. We did all the zombie shots on one day. You'll notice non-zombie versions of Jordan and Bear rocking out with us in the graveyard.

11. The zombie penis and disembodied head were actually sculptures done by the guy who did the zombie make-up. He's a genius at monster make-up and does a lot of Trash Film Orgy stuff and his name is Justin Pine. Anyway, the zombie penis looked so real up close it was disgusting.

12. The reason Jordan eats the brains with chopsticks is because the backward track in the middle of the song was originally Mickie reading chopstick instructions. When they rerecorded the track for the album, Dan did the backward track and it's something about his balls being glorious and round or something...I forget exactly what it says.

13. FACT: When it shows Amber decaying at the end, the third shot looks exactly like Paris Hilton will in about ten years. Look at it and tell me I'm wrong, I dare you.


Eoin said...

No more sleepless nights spent pondering this for me!
spot on!

TonySilva said...

the backwards track is really just chopsticks instructions?!