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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mickie Rat's Adventures in State Work

Today I ran out to the closest mini mart by my building to get a snack on my break from work. I try to get out of the building at least twice a day so I don’t get the Office Madness. There is a mini mart half a block closer than the one I usually go to but I hate going there because it smells fucking horrible. It looks like most of the stock has been sitting on the shelf for around fifteen years. Luckily there is another one right around the corner from it. How they both survive I couldn’t tell you. From state worker patronage I guess. I call them Sketch Marts because, well, they are sketchy and usually look like someone’s dirty apartment. I think I stole that term from my friend Vanessa, but it works so I’m keeping it. Anyway, the point of this post is:

Sometimes I write stupid little songs about what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I don’t know why, it’s just what I do. Sometimes I get a song idea out of it, like this. Cue 15 tracked power pop guitars (in G) complete with vocal harmonies and five beat snare flam/bass pedal hit start:

I’m goin to a Sketch Mart
Around the corner from a Sketch Mart
That’s where I’m goin for a Pop Tart
I’m gonna get it for me

There’s a Sketch Mart
Around the corner from the Sketch Mart
I like this one and here’s the best part
It doesn’t smell like pee

That's where they sell all of the
Jolts, gummi bears and oreos
Ketchup squirt bottles and panty hose
Cookies and juice and snacks to grab
While the clerk is dispatching taxicabs

They have pills and nuts and candy bars
Empty salt shakers and tall Rockstars
Hookah pipes and packs of smokes
Do you need anything cuz I’m gonna go

Out to the Sketch mart
Around the corner from a Sketch Mart
Next to the Subway and the hotdog cart
It’s the closest one

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Sketch Mart
I’m gonna run out to the Sketch Mart
Around the corner from the Sketch Mart
Cuz I don’t like the other Sketch Mart
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

(tight end with signature bomb drops)

Yeah, so I’ve been listening to the Copyrights a leeeetle too much today, no?

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