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Monday, June 8, 2009

An average conversation on Paul Filthy's Gmail

A typical conversation on my gmail...
(vcntmnd is my roommate Jesse)

vcntmnd: I just found GURPS WWII, and GURPS WWII Weapons Supplement
me: HOLY CRAPOLIES! I AM SO GM-ing the FUCK out of that!

vcntmnd: I'm reading it now, its pretty fuckin awesome

me: please tell me they have simplified dogfighting rules

vcntmnd: lemme look

vcntmnd: I'm seeing a few different versions of dogfighting rules

me: ...wheres the "blow the fucking Nazi's out of the sky" rules?

vcntmnd: rofl
I think vehicles might have the best quick dogfighting rules
I can easily modify them if you think something is missing

me: yeah, I figured. Is there a skill set to dogfighting, or is it based mostly on "piloting"?

vcntmnd: ooh I just found a gurps wwii special forces supplement

me: HA! lol.
Jesse wants to be an airborne ranger...

vcntmnd: it looks like its detection piloting and gunnery

vcntmnd: it'd be easy to make rules as needed, HT rolls for blackout, or individualized maneuvers

me: sweet. I'd like to see "specilized" manuevers, like harder turns for pilots that can take them, etc. of course with me, theres the whole technical side of certian planes capabilities... ; )
....dont ever dive-bomb in a P-38... just warning you now...

vcntmnd: the ww2 books have prop hp, and wing hp that is lost in too steep of a turn, etc
its just a matter of balancing between style and bookkeeping

me: oh wow... it should be more of a matter of wing-shear... but ok...

me: is G-force taken into account for any of this?

vcntmnd: I only glanced at the rules, was busy reading about the mg42 with its 20 rounds/second
yeah gforce gets as complicated as you want it to

me: ....y'know, most german planes were equiped with those... on the wings and in the turrets... and they were built detachable...

vcntmnd: I got a plan. fly mustang, shoot down german, bail out, steal machine gun, win.

me: ...or... sneak onto german air base. Steal bomber... have 6 mg42's... win...
...OR... kill hitler=win.

vcntmnd: ROFL
build tower, become necromancer, build army of undead, defeat hitler, steal hitlers face, BECOME hitler, win.

me: OR!
...invite Hitler over, get him drunk, and invite over lesbian college girls = WIN!

vcntmnd: OR!
invite over lesbian college girls, get THEM drunk, quit being such a nerd, win.

me: ....impossible... on both fronts... lets go with the Hitlers Necromantic Face plan.

vcntmnd: yeah.. thats what I was thinking too.

me: Hitlers Necromantic Face... sounds like a Death-Metal Band.

vcntmnd: I've already got a toon all rolled up, a dogfighting, zombie building, face-stealing, tumpet playing ww2, army-band private, named "Clarence"

me: ...is he secretly a cross-dresser? Y'know, when he's stuck across enemy lines?

vcntmnd: no.
zombies, remember?

vcntmnd: he kills enemy soldiers, cross dresses THEM, animates them as zombies, and pimps them out

me: ...ick!
"Hey, my Nazi-woman-man is cold!" I want my money back!

vcntmnd: lol
no refunds

me: ...asshole...

vcntmnd: it will say that clearly on the sign hung around the zombies neck, along with the prices, since zombies cant speak.

me: ...and they havent invented portable MP3 players yet... having one drag around a gasoline generator and a phonograph would probly be overkill, huh?

vcntmnd: overkills good, it's just not that economically feasible, the gas powered phonographs would be reserved for the best looking zombie-nazi-man-woman-hookers.

me: So all the scrubs just get signage... I see... you have an eye for marketing...

vcntmnd: and once the war is over, the zombies will be unecessary, and will be blend seemlessly with the members of the young republicans
a hidden army, lying in wait.

me: ...I thought that was what young republicans were... wait, is this historical fact?

vcntmnd: did somebody steal my fuckin idea?

vcntmnd: fuckin a, I kicked ass on that casserole

me: ...I'll try some tonight...
...casserole I mean... not zombie-nazi-man-woman-sluts....

Sent at 2:59 PM on Monday

1 comment:

Noland said...

holy shit! i can't believe i made it through all of that without my mind exploding. i guess once you pass that point of no return, you're in it for the long haul. whether you understand it or not.