"The Secretions are men of peace in a world of mayhem. They are poets and onanists and bloodsucking freaks. They are punk rock."

- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greasyhotmeatcheezy update

Mickie Rat here with the latest development on the release of The Secretions' new CD, Greasyhotmeatcheezy. The whole band listened to the rough mix together and decided that it needed a few adjustments, so we sent it back to the studio for those, and hopefully will have it sent to the pressing plant soon. We are going to take a shot at releasing this CD ourselves and see how that works. We have seen it work well for other bands so we're taking a chance and giving it a shot. We will hopefully have it ready to sell when we play the Insubordination Fest on June 25-27. We will have it for sure when we tour with the Bugs in July. Paul Filthy is hard at work on the cover art, and we might even be able to convince our friend Vanessa to do some creative photography for the inside cover. we're all really excited about this CD and feel that these are some of the best songs we have ever written! We hope all you Secretins are just as excited to hear it when it comes out.

P.S. -- You might want to stop by Casa De Chaos the evening of May 9 for a special all-Pyrate Punx band show!

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