"The Secretions are men of peace in a world of mayhem. They are poets and onanists and bloodsucking freaks. They are punk rock."

- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Friday, February 13, 2009

SIlver Sprocket Fashion at Forever 21

I came across this jacket on Forever 21's website - total Silver Sprocket lookalike!

So ladies, if you're too broke or too small for an SS jacket, grab up one of these for just over $20 and throw some patches on it! It won't be as cool but it's better than nothing and weather appropriate. You might even be able to get mom and dad to spring for it.

You can get Silver Sprocket patches and merch here.

Also, I heard a rumor that the Secretions are going to be making patches soon to help fund the cost of putting out their new album in April. It's been a long time since I've seen new Secretions patches so I sincerely hope this is true. Do you have any cool ideas for Secretions merch?

1 comment:

Avi said...

Forever 21 can eat ten bowls of dicks, these are ours!
I'm not going to say that anyone who buys their jacket is retarded, but their jackets aren't death proof and don't have double inside flask pockets. Just saying.