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Monday, May 12, 2008

Kepi the Band in the Park!

Last Friday's Summer Concert in the Park Series featured an amazing line-up of Kepi and Friends, followed by Ghetto Moments. Then the roar of punk rock exploded over the crowd when Kevin Seconds and the Altruistics stepped up to plate, followed by Kepi the Band. As most of you know, our own multi-talented Danny Secretion plays guitar for Kepi the Band (and fuck, can he ever play!).

Right here and now, I'd like to vote David Houston VIP of the night. The man played with every single band and I didn't see him sit down all night. He's fucking unstoppable. The Dark Lord is mighty indeed.

As with most Kepi-related events, everyone was there, everyone partied, everything was wonderful and nothing hurt.

The highlights:

  1. Alyson Seconds brought her adorable dog, Lulu. I wanted to bite Lulu's ears, but I just pet her instead.
  2. Wendy dyed her hair blue and it looks amazing.
  3. KTB played a lot of Ghoulie's songs and the Time Warp.
  4. There was a place that sold crawdads. I didn't eat them, but I did poke them.
  5. Jaz Brown turned his signature shade of bright ass red while playing. Always a bonus.
  6. Danny wore his white creepers and looked all rockabilly and awesome.
  7. KTB had guest singers like Mickie Rat, Tom H, Eoin, and others jump up and sing, which always lends itself to the party feel that all of Kepi's shows have.
  8. Erin found a broken drum stick and made it into a shank. I think she's been hanging out in the ghetto too much.
  9. Jerry walked around with a crawdad in his pocket for the entire end of the show. It was creepy and kind of adorable. I wanted it to sing and click it's claws, but it didn't because it was dead.
  10. Pretty much everyone and their mom showed up. Literally, there were a lot of moms there.
  11. Dino dyed her hair and it looked bright and wonderful. And it's still all shiny and soft.
  12. The portapotty backstage only had one poo in it. Sweet!
  13. Homeless dancing Indian guy got so wasted he army crawled into traffic. He's ok, but it's still considered a highlight because WHO DOES THAT?
  14. Brian Hanover's kid was there, and he's totally adorable (maybe he looks like the mailman? heh heh heh).
  15. The weather was fucking perfect and beautiful.
  16. I got cheese pizza, but the car that sold it was all retarded and set up weird so I ended up standing in the "pick up" line instead of the "order here" line. I was confused because the signs were weird. The line wasn't terribly long and when I got to the window I just said, "oh, I should order over there right?" and the cook nodded and it was fine. But the owner or manager or whoever this dick was came over after I ordered and was like, "oh did you finally figure out our really complicated line system that's so difficult to understand?" He said it really sarcastically so I kind of glared at him and just said, "you really don't need to be a dick." Then he kind of laughed and I got my pizza a moment later. It didn't taste like revenge, but I'm pretty sure he probably did something to it. Moral of the story, don't go to the pizza guy because he's a total asswipe.
  17. Everybody got up on stage and did the Time Warp in this huge line. Which was fantastic.
  18. Ghetto Moments pretty much played every Kevin Seconds song I like. I was appeased.
  19. Lys Mayo was in half the bands that played. I expect her to become the next Charles Albright or Danny Secretion.
  20. Alive and Kicking was finally good for something.
  21. The pink power ranger (Freak) played with KTB.

I wandered around drunkenly taking pictures of people and the bands. In fact, there's probably a picture of you somewhere in this mess. Feel free to steal what you want, just give credit where credit is due. Some of the pictures are tagged "picbymatt" which mean they were taken by Matt DGAF. Samantha Marie also took a crapload of awesome pictures and a couple videos from the Ghetto Moments and Kepi show at True Love on Saturday. You should probably just bookmark her YouTube and Flickr pages because the girl never puts her camera down.

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