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Friday, March 7, 2008

I Was a Teenage Secretin...

Tori, one of the youngest Secretions fans that I am aware of, sent in this quick bit about the trials and tribulations of being a Secretions fan:

"So, being a Secretions fan isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… Well, it is but it isn’t. Let me break it down for you. Secretin’s come in all shapes and sizes and ages. Take me for example, I’m small, short, and fourteen!

Anyways, here are the reasons that being a Secretions fan and being fourteen is bad:

REASON NUMBER ONE: Most of the shows are $5-$10. Okay, I know you’re probably thinking, “Dude, shut up. That isn’t that much money.” When you are fourteen, have no job, and you’re only source of income is your mommy giving you lunch money it is! That is a lot of money to me. So what I do is, I don’t eat lunch that week so I can save my money to pay my way into the show and possibly get some merch. Possibly.

REASON NUMBER TWO: Secretions. I mean the name gets me bagged on for it. When I come back from shows I get this from my brothers: “Hey Tori, did you get secreted on by a Secretion tonight?!”

REASON NUMBER THREE: Well there isn’t a third reason but reason one and two were pretty damned great!"

I'm pretty sure if you looked back in my blog a couple years, you would probably see this exact same entry. My mom used to give me a couple bucks for lunch everyday and I would take a ziplock bag with crackers or dry cereal in it and eat that instead so I would have money for whatever show was happening that weekend.

Then, when Friday came, I'd go "spend the night" at my friend's house and take lightrail Downtown, where I'd hang out at the late Comics n Comix on K street, then grab a Jolt on my way to the late Capitol Garage to see the Secretions or the Helper Monkeys or someone play. After the I'd either crash at one of my friend's houses or kinda bum around Downtown trying not to get raped until the sun came up and the coffee places started opening.

What can I say? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

1 comment:

briana said...

hahah wow... i think thats what every teenage girl(or boy)does when it comes to shows... i do the same exact thing.... cept i throw mine in a chai tea can in my closet=]