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- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Secretions Merch Used In Photo Shoot

Soon, a new Suicide Girls-esque site will be launched called "Almost Evil Girls". Yesterday, I did a photo shoot for it and the director of the shoot, Heidi, ended up choosing my Secretions dress to be used in one of the sets.

The dress was designed and made my Annie of Deranged Designs. My hair was cut (but not styled) by Vanessa, if you're looking for a good haircut, let her know. I did my own makeup, it's pretty basic.

All photography was done by Mike from Imperious Deceptions. I have worked with Mike and his wife, Elischa, before and have known them for a few years. Every shoot I have ever done with them has been nothing but enjoyable. If you know anyone who is looking for professional, reliable photographers, please ask them to check out Mike and Elischa. They can do anything from headshots to dark, edgy, artsy stuff to weddings.

Here's a preview of the set.

Hooray for free band advertisement!

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