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- Joe Queer of the Queers
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Secretin Video Idea from Matt DGAF

An idea from Matt DGAF about what the video for "Troublemaker" should be like.

"Hello Secretin Lifeliners!!!!!!!

Matt "DGAF" here and before I even get to what I want to talk about let me say thank you to Crystal for all the hard work she is putting in on this. If you see her out and about, or even just drop her a line and let her know how awesome of a job she is doing!!!! Better yet, ask her how you can help!

Ok, onward ho! So, I have another crazy video idea! (I have lots of these, but a lack of money and things makes that hard to do!) This one is for Troublemaker! Some of you might not know that it was a Knockoffs song first and I fell in love with it then and once it got turned into a Secretions song, I was ecstatic!!!

My idea for the video is a white backdrop in which fans and band members by themselves, or in groups stand in front of the camera and sing and act out the song. There are endless possibilities of fun and craziness for this.

I don't know when or where, but if you have a backdrop or lights, that would be awesome! I hope I can shoot this! I'll let you all know when there is more info, but in the mean time, put on the song in your room and dance around a little and see what ya got!"


If you have an idea for a music video, please send it to me. The Secretions love to hear from their fans and always appreciate ideas. Don't be shy!

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