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Monday, December 24, 2007

Mickie Rat <3s TUKs

Mickie Rat wrote about what he thinks of his TUKs.

"So, when Secretions were on tour this summer with Final Summation, we stopped at the Southern California TUK Shoes warehouse in the daytime before our show in Anaheim.

The label that puts out our CDs, Silver Sprocket, has a sponsorship deal with them and told us if we went there they would give us free shoes. Who doesn't like free shoes, right?

Bear, the guitarist from Final Summation had been wearing TUK shoes for a long time and always recommended them, so I figured it would be cool. It's funny because I just called them "Bear shoes" whenever I saw them because that's what I associated them with.

I was kind of worried that they wouldn't have any shoes that fit me because I have very picky feet that are oddly shaped and never take to shoes too well. The length of my feet are about a twelve and a half but the width is more of a thirteen so I always end up having to get thirteens because of the width issue.

The TUK guys were very cool and understanding about my issues and brought out a bunch of different sizes for me to try on, and I eventually ended up with two pairs of the "creeper sneakers," shoes that look like creepers but are really just slip-on sneakers.

I got black leopardy print ones with the funny little bondage strap on the back, and I also got what I call my "zombie phenomenaut" shoes, they are white like the TUK Phenomenaut creepers but with razor slashes all over them, plus they don't have the elevator soles. I love them to death.

Mickie sporting his TUKs while playing solo at Javalounge

The TUK guys asked that in return for free shoes that we wear them at shows once in a while and send them pictures of it. The funny thing is I usually end up wearing them every day because they are mysteriously comfortable and they just look damn cool. What's weird is I usually have to put those funky padded inserts in all of my shoes or else I will end up getting horrible callouses and blisters on my feet, but with the TUK shoes I somehow don't have to do that, which I am totally fine with.

If you haven't yet, go check out TUK Shoes, they are pretty effing cool."

- Mickie Rat

Mickie Rat's favorite white razor-slashed creeper sneakers are the TUK style #A6580

You can order a pair here.

1 comment:

Joe Friday said...

I love my white TUK creep-sneakers. I don't need the traditional creepers, because I'll tower over people.